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Annotated Bibliography Writing Service

Writing an annotated bibliography is a daunting task for many students for a number of reasons. To come up with a good annotated bibliography requires a great understanding of the subject matter. It also requires the ability to analyze and synthesize information for stellar representation in the annotated bibliography. If you are having problems coming up with an annotated bibliography for your paper then you should consider our annotated bibliography writing service. 

Although difficult to write, an annotated bibliography is a common assignment given by many instructors before a comprehensive paper is given to assess the level of understanding of the subject matter. An annotated bibliography adds to the credibility of the paper just like the citations and references do.

What is an annotated bibliography?

It is a list of sources that have been used in researching the topic with an annotation at the end of each source. An annotated bibliography should include everything from books, periodicals, websites and journals. The main intention of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance and accuracy of the sources cited in the paper. 

An annotated bibliography helps significantly in getting good grades for the paper being done. Students who are unable to synthesize and analyze sources quickly find it difficult to come up with an annotated bibliography. Also, it can be confusing to write an annotated bibliography for the first time. If you find yourself in a position where you are unable to come up with a good bibliography then you should consider using our online annotated bibliography writing service.

How can help you?

We have expert annotated bibliography writers who can write for you a great bibliography in the shortest time possible. So do not worry if you need the bibliography quickly. We can handle urgent orders and write quality bibliographies. Our annotated bibliography writers have years of experience investigating the best sources for students and creating winning bibliographies. 

We are so confident in the quality of our bibliographies that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This means if you do not get a bibliography that meets your needs we give all your money back.

An annotated bibliography may be given to you as a standalone assignment before the actual research paper is given or it could be required as part of the research paper. At Essay Writing Service we can help you come up with an annotated bibliography and help you write the research paper too. What’s more, we can help you come up with the best topic for research, conduct the research, compile the data and cite the research as required in consideration to the annotated bibliography. 

How to write the annotations

Listing sources like it is done in the references is easy. This is because it is just about writing which sources you have used and organizing them following the recommended format. Writing an annotated bibliography is not that simple. The annotations should be about 150 words (more or less) depending on the guidelines given by your professor. 

The annotations contain three main elements. First they summarize the source used. Here you explain what the source is all about. This means stating the main point of the book. Secondly, after the summary, then the source is evaluated. This entails looking a bit more critically at the source. For instance, is the information credible? How does the source compare to other sources? Finally, after the evaluation follows a reflection. This entails stating how the source fits into your research and how it will help your paper. An annotated bibliography can include any of these three elements or all of them. It all depends on the guidelines given. 

At, we know how to write annotated bibliographies that follow the guidelines given by the instructor. We can also write a comprehensive annotated bibliography that performs all the three functions where no restrictions have been placed on the writing.

Our Annotated bibliography writing Service formats

Our writers are able to come up with different formats for annotated bibliographies as required for your paper. The most common annotated bibliographies requested from us are the following;

APA annotated bibliography

This bibliography is written following the APA (American Psychological Association) format. Our writers are conversant with the latest version of the APA format as indicated in the APA handbook.

MLA annotated bibliography

In this format, your annotated bibliography follows the guidelines of the latest version of the Modern Language Association (MLA) as stated in the handbook. This citation style is the most common and used widely in languages and humanity disciplines.

Annotated bibliography examples

We have provided a wide array of examples of annotated bibliographies in the samples section of this website. Please feel free to browse our site more to see the various annotated bibliography samples and samples of other types of academic writing that we offer. We have apa annotated bibliography examples and mla annotated bibliography examples among many other

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Affordable annotated bibliography writing service

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We have been doing this for over a decade. As such we have the experience to research and come up with the best sources for any bibliography. Furthermore, our writers are up to date with the latest writing formats for bibliographies. They only use the most recent, relevant and accurate sources when writing your annotated bibliography

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Our experience and expertise in annotated bibliography writing shows in the quality of work we produce for our clients. We are sure that if you also place your order with us, you will not be disappointed.

Timely Delivery

whether you want the order completed tomorrow or next week, we have got you covered. We have an extensive team of writers on standby and always ready to handle incoming work.

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The biggest concern many clients that want fast services have is quality. We understand why you would be concerned. For urgent orders, we assign more resources to the order to ensure that it is done quickly without compromising on quality. Sometimes that means having more writers cooperating on your project.

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We write your annotated bibliography 100% from scratch and ensure it passes plagiarism tests before submission. At Essay Writing Service we do not condone plagiarism at all. You get a plagiarism check together with your order from the most strict plagiarism checkers like Turnitin or any of your choice. 

Unlimited Revisions

If you see anything you do not like or feel like something has been left out you can request for revisions. We offer unlimited revisions until the bibliography is up to your standards. However, we always get it right before submission. It is extremely rare for annotated bibliography orders to come back for revisions. 

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If you need to write an annotated bibliography and need quality at the best prices then look no further. We have a simplified ordering process where minimal information will be required. Plus, we keep the little information we collect safe and we do not share it with any third parties. We have the best-annotated bibliography writers. They are able to conduct in-depth research and come up with the best sources for your bibliography. 

Your struggles to come up with an exemplary annotated bib end here. Let our annotated bibliography writing service help you get the best grades and save time. Place your order today.

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