Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay

A common maxim in the writing community and especially with students is that every type of writing is argumentative in nature. Any kind of writing that you will encounter in high school, college or university will be an argument of some kind. Although this holds true, there are instances when you will directly be asked to write an argumentative essay. This kind of writing confuses many students because they believe that in all their essays they have been argumentative – and that is why they got the grades they got – duh!

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing where the student is required to investigate a certain topic, collect evidence and use this evidence to establish their position on the topic. After establishing a position, the student uses the essay to persuade the reader and show them why they have taken that position. In an argumentative essay, it is like the student is having a discussion or a debate with the reader. The essay, therefore, needs to have an introduction, a body that provides the evidence and a conclusion. 

Besides being complete and leaving no doubt in the mind of the reader, an argumentative essay also needs to be concise and logical. It should take the reader through from the simplest to the most complex ideas if any. Transition words should be used to put ideas together and make it easy for the reader to make the connections. 

When writing an argumentative essay, you are doing more than just taking a stance or expressing an opinion. You must go further to present evidence to support your position. This way you are trying to move the reader to support your stance too. Argumentative essay writing is a very common assignment for many high school and college students. 

Differences between an argumentative essay and expository essay

Many students get confused between expository and argumentative writing. But there is a major difference in the amount of research and pre-writing work that is done. Usually, expository essays are given as class tests and assignments because they do not require a lot of research. Actually, a student can write an expository essay without any research especially if they are familiar with the topic. For an argumentative essay, a lot of research is required for the student to provide evidence in the essay. 

For this reason, argumentative essays are usually lengthier than expository essays. They also contain more details. Argumentative essays are usually given as the end of year assignment tests in many institutions. 

Differences between an argumentative essay and persuasive essay

Another common confusion when it comes to writing essays is argumentative vs persuasive essays. A persuasive essay is written to convince the reader to agree with the ideas of the author. The author uses his own ideas and opinions to convince the reader. Usually when writing a persuasive essay, the author evokes the emotions of the reader to convince the reader to agree with their opinion. As such, a persuasive essay doesn’t require a lot of research to write. This is because the opinions or claims made by the writer do not have to be proven. 

With an argumentative essay, the writer tries to convince the reader but by providing evidence on all claims made.  In argumentative writing statistics, facts, figures and other researched evidence is provided. Empirical data is collected through interviews, surveys, experiments or observations and presented in the writing to support the arguments. 

For the audience, a persuasive essay performs well with an intended audience. However, with an argumentative piece, the writer does not require an intended audience. This is because the writer is comfortable with putting the truth out to anybody interested in it. 

Argumentative essay outline

The most common format for argumentative essays is the five-paragraph outline. This outline is structured in the following way; 

Write the Introduction

introduction argumentative essay

The introduction should grab the attention of the reader by doing a few things. First, the writer should generally discuss the topic and then explain why it is important. Next, the thesis statement (main argument of the essay) should be introduced in the introduction. It is important that the student gets the thesis statement right for the rest of the argumentative essay to have an impact.

Write the body paragraphs

argumentative essay body paragraphs

In the five-paragraph essay, the body should contain three paragraphs presenting the evidence found. You can also choose to discuss opposing views of the topic in one paragraph preferably the last one and refute those points using your evidence. Explain why you disagree with those opposing views to give your argument a more concrete footing and to appeal to the reader more. When you address the topic from all the angles you gain the trust of the reader and you can easily convince them to take your stance.

Write a concluding paragraph

argumentative essay conclusion

The essay ends with a conclusion. Most students struggle with writing the conclusion. Most of them just restate the thesis statement. The conclusion should readdress the thesis statement presented in the introduction but this time in light of the evidence provided in the body paragraphs. It should be well written because it leaves the reader with an immediate impression of what they have been reading. It should therefore be impactful.

The five-paragraph outline is not the only one that can be used. Sometimes the argumentative essay needs to be longer than five paragraphs. This is especially true where empirical research has been done or several research sources need to be discussed. 

Stuck on argumentative writing?

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Argumentative essay samples

As a leading essay writing service globally we have handled thousands of argumentative essays for students from across the globe. Our writers are experienced in dealing with any type of essay that you could be given and more importantly an argumentative essay. Here are some samples and a downloadable argumentative essay sample. 

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