Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect Essay

What is a cause and effect essay?

Cause and effect writing is concerned with writing about what things (causes) lead to which results (effects). The cause and effect essay discusses the events that lead to certain results. It might seem straightforward at first but it can get quite confusing when it comes to writing the cause and effect essay. Our Essay Writing Service however has proven useful for students that find it hard to write great cause and effect essays.

In cause and effect writing you must first distinguish between the cause and the effects. To determine if something is the cause ask yourself “why did this happen” to identify the effect ask yourself “what happened because of this? Take for example, if you reduce the number of hours you spend at work every day. This could lead to different outcomes or effects including; more time for socializing, more time for family, an agitated employer, maybe reduced income or you might even get fired.

Usually, situations where a cause and effect essay is required need to be investigated much deeper since the cause and effects are not always that obvious. Also, just because one event happens before another doesn’t mean that they are related. Relating such events as cause and effect can lead to a logically flawed essay. Chronological order should not be confused with cause and effect.

Cause and effect writing

In the many years we have been in business we have noticed that many students fail when writing cause effect essays because of two major mistakes. First many of them rush to state the obvious things. Just like with any other type of writing, a cause and effect essay also requires substantial research prior to putting ink on paper. When researching, you should ensure that you unearth all the causes and all the effects associated with them. This is to ensure that you are not missing anything.

Another big challenge for many students is differentiating sequencing with causality. Just because something occurred before another doesn’t mean they have a cause and effect relationship. Take for instance, your lucky jeans or sweater or anything you consider lucky. You might have worn a certain pair of jeans and aced your exams then related the two. However, a cause and effect relationship is not established here. Yes, you wore them and passed your exams but that is just an ad hoc relationship.

Cause and effect essay outline

Before you get down to writing the first cause and effect paragraph for your essay, it is imperative that you know what the cause and effect essay outline should look like. The essay starts with an introduction. The introduction, just like with any other essay, the cause effect essay should contain a hook and also a thesis statement that will guide the rest of the essay.

It is important to remember that your essay can discuss the causes, effects or both. Establish what you will be discussing in your essay beforehand so you can keep the information flowing in your mind even before you get down to write. The introduction should state whether you are discussing the cause, effect or both. You also need to determine whether the cause leads to a chain reaction. This happens when one event leads to a result and that result leads to another and the chain continues.

When writing an essay with a sequel or chain reaction, ensure that you establish all the results due to the cause and discuss them all in the essay. Also, maintain a logical flow of the results so that it becomes easy to follow through your paper.

Choose the right transition words to use in your essay and use them properly. Transition words help to take the reader from one idea to the other without losing them along the way.

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Cause and effect essay examples

We have handled a wide range of cause and effect essays over the years. We have a wide range of examples for your perusal some listed here and others you can find on our samples page

Cause and effect essay Topics

When writing cause-effect essays, the topics vary. Sometimes you are asked directly in the guidelines to write a cause and effect essay while other times you have to decipher on your own that it is a cause and effect essay required. Usually, for high school, the essays are directly assigned as cause and effect and also in English writing classes. In different disciplines where cause-effect writing is required the topic will be related to the discipline or course and not indicated as a cause and effect type of essay. You have to recognize that on your own and work on it.

Here are some examples of topics you can encounter in cause and effect writing;

  • The effects of pollution
  • What is the significant effect of Holocaust on Jews living today? Try to provide both positive and negative cause and effect connections.
  • The changes in the ocean
  • What triggered the Arab Spring and what results did it bring about? The essay may concentrate on political effects.
  • The causes and effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants
  • The increasing interest in feminism dates back to the events that happened in the 1960s. You may connect them with racial issues (the Chicano movement).
  • Internet influence on kids
  • The civil rights movement and the effects
  • Homeschooling negatively impacts future education. Social effects are also to address.
  • Social media effect on young people
  • Racial integration cannot lead to total elimination of bias. The analysis must cover both children’s and teachers’ perspectives.
  • The causes of divorce
  • The sea temperature increase leads to the extinction of some fish species.
  • The invention of the printing press changed the status of the mass media. Examples must be provided to support your position.
  • How globalization affects the economy
  • How is the school curriculum affected by the standardized testing? Compare positive and negative aspects
  • Having ADHD, dyslexia or other problems significantly damages the quality of the received education. The essay can propose change policies.
  • What was the cause of choosing your major in college?
  • Technologies undermine the quality of learning. You may argue that the use of modern devices makes children less diligent and attentive.
  • The causes of heart problems
  • Technology development leads to the gamification of education.
  • Study abroad improves a student’s long-term employability prospects.
  • A lack of education results in discrimination and racism.
  • The boom of fast food causes a growth in obesity rates in the US.
  • How happy relationships affect a person
  • Living together before getting married makes married relationships better.
  • What caused the WWII?
  • The effects of online dating
  • Although slavery was abolished it continues to produce effects on the present-day society. Discuss racial prejudice and discrimination.
  • What are the causes of terrorism?
  • What makes a person a good mother/teacher/doctor?
  • What impact does smoking have on pregnant women?

How to recognize a cause and effect essay

To recognize a cause and effect type of writing, some signal words are used. Some of the words that can help you to recognize that an essay requires cause-effect writing include; led to, as a result, because, cause, reasons, explanation, consequently, thus, therefore, then, thanks to, if, when, after, as soon as, may, might, or possible.

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