Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay writing is a favorite genre of writing for many students. This is because this kind of writing has a lot of space for creativity since the student is not limited to just one thing. However, it doesn’t mean that all compare and contrast essays are easy to write. There are those topics that require a little bit more creativity from the student. As a leading essay writing service we have come across so many compare and contrast essay topics that pose a challenge for students. 

If you find yourself in a position where you are challenged by comparison essay writing then we can help. We have been providing quality essay writing services for students struggling to write essays for over a decade. Our writers have experience and can handle even the most challenging essays for you. Therefore, if you need help writing a compare and contrast essay then we are very well positioned to help you. 

What is a compare and contrast essay?

A compare and contrast essay, also known as a comparison essay is a type of essay that seeks to evaluate the similarities and differences between two subjects. Usually, the two subjects to be compared must be in the same category but have differences. The main aim of a comparison essay is not to state the obvious differences or similarities but rather the subtle ones. Creating this distinction by highlighting the differences, similarities or both creates a better understanding of the subjects you are comparing and contrasting. 

Writing a comparison essay

You can use different styles to write a compare and contrast essay. First is the block method where you discuss all the aspects of one subject exhaustively then discuss the aspects of the next subject. There is also the alternating method where you discuss one aspect of one subject and immediately discuss the same aspect of the other subject and then indicate how they are similar or different. 

Just like when writing any other essay, it is important to start by brainstorming your topic and the content for your essay. Do the items you want to write about have many things in common for you to write about? The success of your essay depends on how well you come up with your title. If the title has been given, brainstorm the similarities and differences between the two. You can use a Venn diagram or a table to list the similarities and differences you come up with. Having a visual or graphic organizer is a great way to quickly tell if the topic you have come with is a good one. The more items you have in your table or Venn diagram the more points you have to discuss in your essay. 

After coming up with the similarities and differences, you then need to come up with your thesis statement. When you look at the similarities and differences that you have come up with, what strikes you as significant? When you have found something significant you make it your main argument for the essay and use the comparisons to provide evidence for your argument. 

Compare and contrast essay topics

There are many ways that compare and contrast essays can be assigned. Sometimes the essays require for only a comparison or a contrast while other times they require both. The wording used in the essay topic or question will be the key indicator of what is required in the essay. There are also instances when compare and contrast is just part of a larger assignment. In such instances, a student might be required to compare and contrast two subjects or events and use what they have learned from the comparisons to support an argument or give an evaluation. 

Here are some compare and contrast essay topics that you might encounter or you already might have encountered through your school life. However, some are just hypothetical and not essays that have been ordered here. 

  • Students Who Work and Unemployed Students: Who Takes the Best of This Life?
  • American English vs. British English: Major Differences
  • Persuasive and Argumentative Paper: Different or the Same
  • What Makes Education and Employment Similar?
  • Traditional Education or Remote Learning?
  • Comparison of Lincoln’s and Washington’ Ideas
  • Renaissance vs. Baroque Epoch
  • Anthropology vs. Religious Studies
  • American Government vs. Soviet Government
  • US President vs. UK Prime Minister
  • North and South Before the Civil War in the US
  • Henry VIII vs. King Louis XIV
  • A perfect vacation: Expectations & reality
  • Orthodox Christmas and Christmas in Muslim countries
  • Differences in customs & traditions of various churches
  • Comparing a couple of world’s nations based on their religion
  • Ethnic & sexual minorities
  • Being poor vs. being wealthy
  • Online vs. real-life dating
  • Roman mythology: reality vs. legends
  • Communism and liberalism: comparing
  • The differences between the Bible and the Quran
  • Friedrich Hegel against Karl Marx
  • Mother Teresa & Angelina Jolie: Things that make them alike
  • John Locke against Thomas Hobbes
  • George Bush vs. Barack Obama
  • Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael
  • Are hurricanes more dangerous than tornadoes?
  • Can people apply theories in physics to interpret every life aspect
  • Which type of natural disaster does more harm: earthquake vs. tsunami
  • Physics vs. anatomy
  • Fossil & nuclear energy
  • The correlation between science and technology
  • Judo and kickboxing: which one is more aggressive?
  • Are aliens real or not?
  • Living in poverty with the one you love against living in luxury with those you hate
  • Summer holidays vs. winter holidays
  • Does it make more sense to study computer science instead of history today?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of traveling alone or with parents?

Using the right language

When writing a compare and contrast essay, cue words and transitional words are very important. Cue words give the reader an idea of what to expect next. Transition words give the essay a logical flow and move the reader from one idea to the next. The essay gets a flow and doesn’t appear to be like a list of differences and similarities of the subjects. 

Some examples of cue and transition words to use include; like, similar to, also, unlike, similarly, in the same way, likewise, again, compared to, in contrast, in like manner, contrasted with, on the contrary, however, although, yet, even though, still, but, nevertheless, conversely, at the same time, regardless, despite, while, on the one hand, and on the other hand. 

Professional compare and contrast essay help

There are some reasons why many students turn to our essay writing service for compare and contrast essay help. First is the issue of time. Many students find that they do not have time to handle all the assignments and papers given in school and still do other things that are important to them. There are also those students that procrastinate the work until it is too late. Then they realize they cannot write a quality paper with the short time left.

That is not all, sometimes students feel demotivated and not able to concentrate on studies. Writing is also not an easy task and especially if you have not written a compare and contrast essay before, you might doubt your writing skills.

But, it doesn’t matter why you might want to hire our compare and contrast essay help services. We always look forward to helping students to achieve their full academic potential. When you place your order with us, you can be sure that you have placed your trust in a company that values quality and professionalism.

The best compare and contrast essay helpers

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Compare and contrast essay samples

See samples of compare and contrast essays and a downloadable PDF sample here. 

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