Critical Analysis Essay

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Critical Analysis Essay

A critical analysis essay is a common rhetorical writing style tested in many colleges and universities. It is a demanding type of writing that requires the writer to have read deeply and understood the topic at hand before writing because it is usually intended for a knowledgeable audience. 

What is a critical analysis essay?

A critical analysis essay or simply a critical essay requires the writer to write a critical evaluation (the critique) of a given topic, film, book, music, modern event, and complicated political or social issues. With critical writing one is able to analyze an issue by evaluating different controversial points of view. In critical writing, the reader requires to use critical thinking to give their point of view of the issue and analyze the subject.

Most students confuse critical analysis essay writing with analytical writing and also with review writing. However there are some components of critical writing that differentiate it from the other types of writing. Critical analysis essay is all about argumentation. It requires to have a claim and evidence to prove that claim been presented.

The word “critical” here doesn’t mean “negative” as most students imagine it should be. However, it is about analysis and interpretation of the topic at hand. The writer should therefore show understanding of the topic in the evaluation and analysis of the content.

Analysis of the topic or the work requires breaking it down and studying it comprehensively to understand and comprehend it as it really should be. Evaluation means assessing the strengths and the weaknesses and discussing them before taking a side in your critical writing. 

In a critical essay the writer needs to take a side. Take for instance, have you ever read a book or text online and felt that you disagree with the writer? Did you even go further to comment or give your opinion to someone close to you about what the writer has written and why you disagree with it? That is how to critique and to write a critical analysis essay.

A critical essay is written for a particular audience and the audience is knowledgeable about the topic being discussed. It is therefore important that before you get down to writing anything you ensure that you have researched the topic significantly.

Critical essay outline

When writing a critical analysis essay, the following outline should be followed. However, please note that it is imperative that you follow the guidelines given by your tutor or the guidelines used in your school.

Central claim – Introduction

The critical analysis paper should have an introduction. The introduction presents the thesis statement or the main argument to be analyzed in the essay. It is also the central claim of the essay and points to what will be discussed in the body paragraphs. A good critical thesis statement should not only respond to or make judgment about the topic. Rather, it should be supportable or disputable using evidence that can be collected by the writer and presented to the reader.

Evidence – body paragraphs

The body discusses the thesis statement given in the introduction. Here the writer presents the evidence collected in the pre-writing stage to support their argument. Proper English should be used to convey the messages to the reader without any confusion.


After the discussion in the body paragraphs, a succinct and concise conclusion should be given. The trajectory of the essay’s argument is summarized and important insights from the writing given. Do not introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. Use the conclusion to cement the point of your thesis statement by quickly showing how your evidence has proven your side of things. 

Techniques of critical writing

There are several techniques of critical writing. Here are some of the common types of literary criticism given to students;

  • Marxist criticism
  • Psychological criticism
  • Feminist criticism
  • Reader – response criticism (critical review essay)
  • Deconstruction critical essay
  • Archetypal critical essay

Critical writing topics and different disciplines

Our writing service can help you write a critical essay using any type of technique that has been prescribed by your tutor or school. Besides knowing how to write using these different techniques we have handled a wide array of popular topics given to students. Some of the critical essay topics we have handled include;

  • A Rose for Emily literary criticism
  • Macbeth critical analysis
  • To kill a mockingbird critical analysis
  • Shooting an elephant critical analysis
  • Critical analysis of Frankenstein
  • The great Gatsby critical analysis
  • The cask of Amontillado critical analysis essay
  • She stoops to conquer critical analysis.
  • The glass menagerie critical analysis

We have also handled a wide array of disciplines where critical writing is required including; physiology, psychology, history, sociology, English and even critical analysis of biographies.

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Critical analysis essay examples

Over the years, we have handled a wide range of critical thinking essays for our clients. Please see some samples listed here and also check out our samples page and disciplines page for more critical analysis essay examples.

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