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Definition Essay

A definition essay is a type of writing where a writer is required to show the meaning of a term, idea, concept or word. It requires you to write a personal yet academic definition of the given word not only by giving the dictionary definition of the term but also with an extended definition that uses your own words and knowledge to expound on the meaning.

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Choosing the right topic for a definition essay

Choosing the right definition is a key process in writing a winning definition paper. You should choose something you are passionate about or have background knowledge in. Abstract words with more complex meanings are better for writing a definition than simple words that have straightforward meanings. For instance, simple terms such as a book, house or tree are simple to define and will not make for good essays. Abstract terms such as honesty, home, love and loyalty would be a better choice because the understanding and definition of such terms would involve a personal understanding of the concept.

Terms that have controversy in them are also good for a definition essay because you can use your definition to clear the controversy. A disputable term gives you the opportunity to analyze and define the term from your own perspective.

After choosing the right word for the essay, the next step is to find its simple meaning from the dictionary. The idea is not to copy the meaning in the dictionary. However, it will act as a guide or give you the basic starting point for formation of your own definition of the term. Also, learn the origin of the word. Going back to the history of the word will give you more insight about how the word came to mean what it means today.

How to write a definition essay

After choosing a topic you feel comfortable with and researching the definition and history of the word or concept, then it is time to write the essay. Before putting ink on paper, you should know the techniques to use to give your definitions. Here are some of the techniques we use here at to come up with exceptional definitions; Techniques used in definition

Denotation – this technique means simply providing the dictionary definition of the term or concept.

Connotation – this entails illustrating the implied meaning of a term or idea. In this case you use your own words or understanding to explain the definition of the term.

Enumeration – in this technique, you use a list to define the term or concept.

Analogy – here a comparison of two or more things that are similar is used.

Negation – in negation, we define by stating what the term or concept is not.

Defining by structure – this entails defining the subject by how it is organized or put together.

Defining by analysis – here you can compare the subject of discussion to other closely related concepts and then illustrate the differences. These should be those differences that make the term stand out from the rest.

Defining by function – this implies defining something based on what it does or how it functions.

Definition essay structure

Before writing the essay it is also important to know the right definition essay structure to use. The definition essay should follow the following structure;

Introduction containing a thesis statement

The introduction should start by giving the definition of the term that will be discussed. You can use something catchy to grab the reader’s attention while still passing forward the desired message. Pick the dictionary definition that has the biggest impact according to you and use your own words to define the concept or term. The introduction should also include a thesis statement.

Also, give a thesis statement for your essay. The thesis statement entails defining the term in your own words. Here the definition given is brief and to the point. More elaboration and explanations are given in the body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs give more information about your definition. Different techniques used to define the term or concept are used in different paragraphs to provide a better understanding to the reader. Not all the given techniques should be used. However, a variety should be used to create a well-rounded picture of the concept or term being defined.

Conclusion paragraph

The conclusion paragraph provides a summary of the main points given in your definition. If desired you can mention how the definition has affected or influenced you. Indicate your experiences that relate to your definition of the term.

Definition essay examples

There are many definition essay topics that might be given or many that you can choose from. Over the years we have handled a wide array of definition paper topics for our clients. Here are some definition essay examples we have handled;

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