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Dissertation Editing

You have taken the time to write a dissertation or thesis, and it is now complete. But, can you hand in that dissertation with confidence? The answer is a resounding no, which is why you are here looking for a dissertation editing service to take over editing for you. You are at the right place. At essaywritingservice.study, we have a team of professional Ph.D. dissertation editors that are eager to take on your project.

We can make your dissertation excellent.

If you have written your dissertation to completion, it is evident that you have completed most of the work. However, much of what is remaining now will play a pivotal role in ensuring that you get the best grade possible from your hard work. Most students assume this last step of proofreading and editing their dissertations. They pay the price by getting very poor grades.

Do not go down this route that others have taken. If you have worked hard to research and write your dissertation, let our professional dissertation editors help you polish up your work before you can submit it for marking. There is a great reward you will get if you allow a new set of eyes to look at your work. You can see the finish line now, but you realize the end is not as near as you thought with each step you take. Every time you reread your paper, you find a mistake to correct, or a detail to add here or there. You might even rethink the whole structure for certain chapters. Proofreading and editing your dissertation can be tasking and can take longer than you would have expected.

It is therefore wise if you choose to hire us to proofread and edit your dissertation. As professionals, we know what we are doing. You can, therefore, rest assured that you will end up with a quality dissertation.

Dissertation editing service you can trust

A dissertation or thesis is an important paper for any level of academic writing. It is the ultimate paper that determines your final grade before you graduate from that level. Therefore, it is imperative that you only work with a dissertation editing service that you can trust.

At essaywritingservice.study, we are very highly reviewed and rated by our clients. We take a lot of pride in helping students achieve the very best they can in their academics. It is the reason that we have been able to thrive for over a decade when many other companies have folded up.

We give our clients honest opinions on the paper done and how it can be improved. We know that the dissertation is important for your academic journey. As such, we ensure that you get the best dissertation possible. There is no second way about it. We do not put a price on helping you achieve the best that you can achieve.

Our work on your dissertation is comprehensive. It focuses on all aspects of your paper that need to be corrected. Here are some of the things we work to correct.

Dissertation rubric check

First, we check the marking rubric for your dissertation to ensure that you have followed the rubric guidelines.  For this exercise, we go through the instructions given in the rubric to see what was required of you and what we will have to do to your paper to ensure that it meets the given standard.

The number of pages, citation style, format to follow, structure, the scope of your work, and all other aspects required in the rubric will be addressed here. We take note of everything required in the paper and compare it with what you have written to ensure that you meet all the points given in the rubric.

Structure check

The dissertation structure is important for your paper to be accurate and achieve a high academic correctness level. We ensure that the structure of your dissertation is up to par. Our dissertation editors check to see that all the dissertation parts are there, including the abstract, literature review, methodology, and all others.

We also check to ensure that all of these parts meet the desired standards for that particular part. Is the methodology, for instance, speaking of the methods that you used in collecting data? Is the discussion part of the thesis there, and does it discuss your findings? If your thesis losses in structure, it becomes something else altogether. We ensure the proper structure is maintained.

Language errors

We also remove all language mistakes and errors that could be in your dissertation. We know that even for natives like ourselves, language mistakes occur. Therefore we work hard to ensure that all language errors are eliminated.

All spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all other language errors will be addressed here. We leave nothing to chance. Our assurance to you is the best dissertation that speaks to the intended audience with clarity.

Formatting errors

Are you writing an APA dissertation? Or maybe your institution requires you to write an MLA thesis. How about a Chicago paper? At essaywritingservice.study, our writers are conversant with all formats of academic writing. We can format your paper following any required paper format. We will use the required in-text citations, follow the required format to write your references, and all other guidelines to format the paper. Also, we are conversant with the latest formatting editions for all of the formats required in academic writing. Whether your professor wants the latest edition of the one used previously, we are up for the task.

Plagiarism check

Of uttermost importance is ensuring that your paper is free of plagiarism. We check all the sources and all the citations to ensure there isn’t even one shred of unintended plagiarism.

These are just some of the things we check in your dissertation paper to ensure that it is quality and will impress any examiner that comes across it.

Dissertation Editing for all subjects

You might wonder whether our service can handle your discipline or subject. We handle all subjects including but not limited to; psychology, business and economics, medical and life sciences, physical sciences, Engineering, Law, History and anthropology, Finance, Accounting, and so much more. Place your order today for any discipline you are in, and we will handle your paper.

Benefits of our dissertation proofreading and editing services

Our dissertation editors are known for excellence. We take the time to go through your paper as many times as necessary so that you do not have to. You can use that time to concentrate on other things that matter to you.

What’s more, we ensure that your paper is free of plagiarism. We use premium plagiarism check tools that remove all appearances of plagiarism from your paper. We check through with several plagiarism checkers, so we never miss a thing.

Do not forget that you enjoy this comprehensive service at the most affordable prices possible. We are the perfect blend of quality services at the most affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Please place your order today for our dissertation editing services and submit a quality dissertation.

If you are having difficulties writing a dissertation, please check our dissertation writing service. We can write a top-notch dissertation for you, right from scratch.

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