Narrative Essay

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Narrative Essay

Are you required to write a narrative essay? This type of writing is commonly asked as a class assessment in many institutions because it tests the creativity of the student and how well they can articulate different matters. A narrative essay is a common type of expository writing.

What is a narrative essay?

Narrative writing involves writing a story – a narration. The writer is therefore supposed to present events in chronological order for the story to make sense. Also, the story needs to be vivid to bring the reader right into the experience of the writer. The writer, therefore, needs to know how to write in descriptive, clear and concise language that quickly portrays the picture for the reader.

For instance, why say a horse, when you can use stallion?

In beginner classes, most of the narrative essays are personal where the student is supposed to narrate an event that happened to them. However, in more advanced classes, a student might be required to tell a story about another person’s experience or encounter.

A narrative essay should not be confused with a descriptive essay or a short story. A short story usually doesn’t follow a laid out structure or outline as a narrative essay does. A descriptive essay on the other hand is usually used to describe an event, place, process, person or experience without really giving a narration. For instance, dialogues are not a feature of descriptive writing but can be used in narrative writing.

Narrative Essay Outline

It is important to note that even though narrative writing entails telling a story, it follows a format. The narrative essay, just like any other essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. A narrative essay is not like a short story that doesn’t have any kind of structure.

With the narrative essay, you are supposed to introduce your narration by getting the audience warmed up and introducing the main argument or thesis statement of the essay. The main body of the essay should be your narration. You can start by giving your narration and then working backwards to come up with the thesis statement and the intro.

After you are done with the main narration paragraphs, you give a conclusion.

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Writing a narrative essay

When writing a narrative essay, we follow the following comprehensive three step process to ensure superior quality.

1. Prewriting stage

This stage entails coming up with a topic if one is not given or getting acquainted with the topic given. The process also involves collecting any required information to use in your essay. During this stage we also understand the audience that the essay is been written for. Is the essay for your peers or another audience? This intensive preparation ensures that we get the rest of the essay correct and that there is good flow to the end.

It is during this stage that we also come up with the story-line elements to use in the narrative essay. The plot, characters, stages, descriptions and everything required to make the narration essay spectacular is included.

2. Drafting

The next step entails drafting your essay. The draft is written including all the elements that were developed in the prewriting stage. The drafting entails writing following all the rules of grammar and structure required for the essay. However, at this stage your essay is still raw. The motif of the narrative composition or the point of view of the story is clearly brought out. Vivid words are used for description and the outline is adhered to.

3. Revising and editing

The final step entails revising the raw draft to make it clean and polish it up. We check the grammar using premium tools. The writer reads the narrative story to ensure it meets the criteria set here at Essay Writing Service. We ensure the following;

  • The introduction has a hook and entices the reader to continue reading the rest of the paper. We also ensure that it has an enticing thesis statement.
  • The body paragraphs are checked to ensure that there is a logical or chronological flow of events.
  • We check the conclusion to ensure that it leaves the right impression in the mind of the reader.

Narrative Essay Topics

Here are some popular narrative essay topics that you might find in your writing. 

  • Tell about the most exciting adventure you took with friends
  • Describe the vacation of your dreams
  • Imagine you can go on a trip anywhere, where would you choose?
  • The story of how you met your pet
  • Your best friend and how you met
  • A time you had a serious argument with someone
  • A time when you discovered the truth about someone
  • The most embarrassing day of your life
  • The day you graduated from high school
  • The toughest decision you had to make
  • College professors are open to discussions and reinterpretations. Describe a time you felt like your professor was wrong. 
  1. The day you wish to relive
  2. The things you love to do in your alone time
  3. Your first encounter with the police. 
  4. Write about an old friend you have lost touch with and why it happened
  5. Dads can be the voice of reason and moral discipline. Talk about how your dad has influenced you.
  6. Talk about a time you had to do something that undermined your morality. 
  7. Write about your talent and how you have developed it. 
  8. The most successful people have failed millions of times. Write about a person that inspires you to keep trying. 
  9. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why? Would you change the past?
  10. If you were a movie director with an unlimited budget, what movie would you make?
  1. Is there a book that changed your opinion on a certain topic? Would you recommend it to others and why?
  2. How much self-control do you have?
  3. Is there too much pressure on women to have ideal bodies?
  4. The basic principles and purposes of the feminist movement. 
  5. Have you had any negative experience with gender bias in school?
  6. The day you got a flat tire
  7. The day someone caught you cheating
  8. The time you discovered the truth about someone. 
  9. Describe your first plane trip. How was the experience of flying?
  10. Your first time riding a bike
  11. The best experience you had at the beach

Narrative essay examples

In the many years we have been in business we have handled thousands of narrative essays for students at all levels of study. Please see the examples below and find more on our samples page

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