Behaviorism and Cognitivism PSY 331 Assignment


1st assignment: For this activity:

Compare and contrast the psychological “camps” of Behaviorism and Cognitivism based on scholarly materials including the required resources for this week.

Analyze how each learning theory applies to real-life situations, and provide two examples for each.

Behaviorism example – Every time the chickens get on the porch, they are sprayed with water. After time, the chickens learn not to be on the porch.

Demonstrate your further understanding of these theoretical perspectives by including implications to learning posed by each theory.

Based on the evidence presented in this week’s resources, what are the major strengths and weaknesses of each theory in relation to how we learn? In your comparison, do you see where one type of training might work better than the other based on situations (e.g., differing age groups, differing learning abilities, or differing skill level/rigor)?

Apply basic research methods to your comparison by providing empirically based research findings or other reliable examples to support your statements.  View this great tutorial provided by the Ashford University Library which will show you how to find scholarly articles and how to assess the scholarly quality of the resource.  

Be sure to cite all your references in APA style

2nd assignment:

In an initial post of 450-500 words, begin by listing the five ways you currently believe you learn best (e.g., loud music playing, taking notes, highlighting material, reading out loud). After you have created your list, click the links below and take the following assessments.  Note: It is important to make your list prior to taking the quizzes so that you will have opportunities to reflect on potential disparities.

  • Multiple Intelligences– a theory that suggests individuals have preferred learning preferences
  • Emotional Intelligence– a theory that suggests that learning is affected by our ability to ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. 
  • Body Language Quiz– suggests that what a person sees versus what a person hears in the environment surrounding the situation can affect the probable conclusions the person constructs about the information. 

·  Are you surprised by your results on the assessments? Why, or Why not?

·  Name at least two behaviors you exhibit that support at least one of these assessment results.

·  Based on these results, critically evaluate your own behaviors.

  • Are there behaviors you could practice that might help you learn better?
  • List at least two behaviors you could change or traits you could develop in your own behaviors, and explain how they support your assessment results.
  • For example: “I could create flashcards because the assessments identify that visual learning comes easier to me.”

·  Describe how the information you learned about yourself in the assessments might support the Behaviorist and Cognitivist theories you read about in Chapters 1 and 2.

·  Incorporate examples from research into your discussion to support your statements, and cite all your references in APA style

behaviorism and cognitivism



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