Should a business have the right to ban teenagers?


argumentative essay – should a business have the right to ban teenagers?

You will read:

a newspaper adMunchy’s Promise

a business analysisMunchy’s Patrons, July and OctoberMunchy’s Monthly Sales, July–October

a student blogMunchy’s Bans Students!

a newspaper editorialA Smart Idea Can Save a BusinessYou will write:

an argumentative essay Should a business have the right to ban teenagers?

Munchy’s Bans Students! – student blog

In today’s newspaper, the old-fashioned lunch spot known as Munchy’s, popular among students of this institution, announced its new “quiet lunch”—without students!The restaurant took out a full-page ad in the newspaper to advertise its new rule banning students from noon to 3 p.m. The ad claimed that high school students are noisy, play loud music, and are on their cellphones all the time.Obviously, this piece of advertising was crafted to attract business people, who are allegedly quieter and need a more relaxing environment. Newsflash! Business people are ALWAYS on their cellphones, having loud converstions themselves!!! The last time I was at Munchy’s, ALL the noise came from loud, annoying business people who were either on their cells or arguing with each other. It all comes down to who spends more money . . . and there are not many options around town other than Munchy’s: a couple of unhealthy fast-food places, and our school cafeteria.Discrimination on the basis of age is an outrage and a violation of our civil rights! Let’s get together in front of Munchy’s next Wednesday and pass out leaflets to inform the public about this unfair regulation. Bring your signs and your loud voices!Please feel free to leave your comments below with suggestions of what else we can do about this

munchys ad banning teens from their restaurant
newspaper editorial



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