Using Egan’s Model on a case study academic paper


Using Egan’s Model on a case study

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You are required to write a 2 part essay applying Stages I, II and lll of the Egan model to a case study.

There are two parts, 1 and 2
Part 1:
1. The opening paragraph should provide an overview of your modality (which is naturopathy) and a very brief background of the client case study. (not more than 100 words)
2. Provide a critique of the Egan model Stage I, II and lll, highlighting what you believe to be its strengths and weaknesses as they apply to your modality.
Use examples from the case. Please read the article on critical analysis provided in your reading list for this assessment. You will be expected to utilise this as background to your arguments
3. Include a concluding paragraph that summarises your learning.
Part 2:

Demonstrate how you have applied the Egan model Stage I, II and lll in relation to the client’s needs, issues, goal setting and strategies for problem solving.

1. Consider how you might apply:
o Egan’s Stage I ,Stage II and Stage lll including each task of these stages
Identify the client’s needs (as identified and stated by them if you are using a real client case otherwise you would have to imagine what these needs might be).
o How might you help this client to overcome resistance, reluctance embrace change and get in touch with their resilience?
o How might you assist the client to utilize their unused opportunities?
o Include the client’s self-identified as well as unidentified resources
o How might you support the client to develop an action orientation e.g. setting achievable goals and developing appropriate strategies to achieve resolution to their problem/s

2. Discuss your personal learning from using the Egan model with your chosen client, including:
o Insights, feelings and observations about your own interpersonal style/ skills o A self-evaluation of your use of micro-skills
o Your professional practice strengths, as well as areas for future development o What you could have done differently in your work with this client

You should include at least four references including:
Egan, G 2017, The skilled helper: a problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping, 10th edn, Brooks Cole, Belmont, CA.
Geldard, D & Geldard, K 2012, Basic personal counselling: a training manual for counsellors, 7th edn, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW.

Here is the case study to work off:

Case Study:

Martha is 38 years of age she has suffered two substantial losses in her life within 04 months. The first was the death of her beloved youngest sibling to cancer and the second followed this very quickly with the loss of a long term position in an Integrative Medicine Practice. This was a result of the ‘downsizing’ of the organization due to the Natural Medicine side of the practice struggling to maintain financial viability and positive public scrutiny. Martha has suffered a substantial depression as a result of these circumstances. Was taking anti-depressants and has now been weaned off them however, still feels anxious, feels she is not coping well and has gained an uncomfortable amount of weight which she wants to lose and is finding very difficult. She has not had contact with her meditation group for some time and her friends and family are complaining that she doesn’t go out much anymore.

Using Egan’s Model on a case study



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